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Date: Wednesday 15 August 2018

Please see below some important dates and support you can access for your first year results, and how you enrol on your second year of study (or apply to start a new course with us).

Collecting your results:

* Thursday 16th August 8am – 1pm AS level Results Day in the CCI building (including internal year 1 exam results)

Enrolling onto your second year of A levels, or enrolling onto a new programme:

23rd August you will be contacted by your 1st year tutor to discuss your results. Please make sure you have your phone with you and switched on to receive this phone call.

  • If you have passed your courses and are happy with your subjects your tutor will confirm this over the phone and we will look forward to welcoming you back on Tuesday 4th September.
  • If you need any support (for example if you have not passed all your courses, or you would like to talk about/confirm a new programme of study) an appointment will be made for you with your year 1 tutor ASAP to help you apply and enrol on a new programme and you will be given information then about the start of year.

Starting your second year of study or your new programme of study:

* Monday 3rd September please check your college email for a message from your second year tutor with details of arrangements for 4th September (if you need to reset your email password follow this link -

* Tuesday 4th September all second year programmes start. There will be a whole group tutorial where you meet your new tutor and group, register with UCAS (where applicable) attend an inspirational speaker event and Re-fresher Fair followed by 1:1s with your second year tutor.

* Tuesday 4th/ Wednesday 5th September pre-booked 1:1s with your second year tutor

* Important Note - If you are arranging to start a new programme of study (i.e. you join a first year programme like a full time Btec) you will expected to attend Induction Days on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th September. 

* Monday 10th September full teaching timetables start for all A level/Btec courses


Trouble shooting

Please look through the following commonly asked questions if you are still unsure about how to get help or re-enrol with us.

Q Where can I get help or advice on results day?

If you need any advice about your results there will be an Advice Zone on the day in the CCI building. Don’t forget, your 1st year tutor will also telephone you on Thursday August 23rd to discuss your results with you and to provide support.

Q What happens if I don’t get the results I need for my selected 2nd year courses?

Don’t panic, remember your 1st year tutor will be in touch on Thursday August 23rd or alternatively, you can speak with a member of staff in the Advice Zone on results day. When your tutor speaks to you on the phone they will make an appointment for you to come to see them ASAP to look at options of other courses.

Q Some of my courses had internal exams rather than formal AS qualifications, do I still need to pass them to carry on into second year?

Yes, the requirement for these courses is still that you achieve at least a D grade in order to progress to the second year. If you are unable, or do not wish, to carry on a subject with an internal exam you will need to come in briefly to see your tutor on Friday 24th August. They will arrange a certificate of completion for you (for you to evidence that you completed a year of study of the A level) and discuss what courses you might be able to transfer to.

Q I have not achieved a D or above in two of my three subjects, can I carry on with one?

No, not usually. If you have not achieved well in two of your courses Exeter College will have alternative A-level equivalent courses that are probably much better options for you. Your tutor will arrange an appointment with you when they call on 23rd Aug to help you to look at these options.

Q I have not achieved a D or above in one of my three subjects, can I carry on with the two I did achieve well in?

Yes, if you choose an appropriate AS level or Btec cert course to go with them that will help you to progress. Your tutor will arrange an appointment with you when they call on 23rd Aug to help you to look at these options.

Q I talked to my tutor and other teachers about what new course I wanted to transfer to before we left for the summer break. Do I still need to come in?

Yes – until you come in for an appointment with your tutor you cannot be transferred and enrolled onto your new course. It is therefore important to take the call from your tutor on 23rd Aug and make an appointment to come in to sign up to the course you wish to transfer to.

Q I can’t come in on 16th August to collect my results as I am on holiday. How can I get them?

Any uncollected results are posted out at the end of 16th August. Alternatively you can get a relative or other adult to collect them for you as long as they have ID with them and a signed letter from you authorising them to get them on your behalf.

Q When will I get my new timetable?

You will receive your new timetable from your 2nd year tutor on Tuesday September 4th in your group tutorial (or if you are starting a new first year course on either Thursday 6th or Friday 7th September during your Induction) .

Q How will I know who my new tutor is?

Up until 3rd September your 1st year tutor remains your tutor, which means they will help you with any queries you might have about your courses or results. On Monday September 3rd your new tutor will send you a welcome back message on your college email.

Q Who can I speak to if I want to change my 2nd year course selections?

Speak to your 1st year tutor on Thursday August 23rd about your 2nd year course selections when they call you and they will advise you from there.

Q Can I re-take my 1st year course if I am unhappy with my results?

No, it isn’t usually possible to retake a 1st year course. If you have any concerns about this, please speak with your tutor when they call or pop in to the Advice Zone on results day.

Q How can I change from A Level/Btec cert courses to a full time course like a BTEC or UAL course?

If you wish to change from a 1st year A Level course to a BTEC course it is important you make an appointment with your 1st year tutor when they call you on Thursday August 23rd.

Q What shall I do if I am locked out of my college email?

To view the latest information on how to reset your password, please visit the college website:

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