Strengthened links

Hoteliers Cheque

Date: Friday 13 April 2012

The links between local hotels and restaurants and Exeter College were further strengthened this week with the offer of financial support to enhance the training offered at the college.

The Exeter and Heart of Devon Hotels and Restaurants Association represents the leading hotels and restaurants in the area.  Derek Phillips, Honorary Secretary said "Our Association believes that a professional hotel and restaurant recognises the importance of having staff that flourish with excellence.  We strongly believe in investing in the staff of tomorrow and we are presenting a cheque for £500 to the hospitality and catering department at Exeter College to support their work in training the students who we hope will be an asset to this important local industry."

The hospitality and catering department at the college trains on average 200 full time students and apprentices per year in a range of industry standard courses from food preparation to front of house management.  "We have very strong links with the local restaurants and hotels in the area", said Huw Southcott head of hospitality and catering, "We deliver training programmes that depend on being truly relevant to the demanding hospitality and catering industry and students benefit already from work placements and in many cases part time work with the local hotels and restaurants.  The Exeter and Heart of Devon Hotels and Restaurants Association is an important business network for us and we are delighted that such a prestigious group of experts are keen to further support the training at the College."

The money presented to the college last week will help the students attend regional and national competitions that help hone their skills as well as support trips and visits to ensure that their real work experiences are not just confined to the highly acclaimed public restaurant at the college.

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