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Student Representation

Student Representation

Join the NUS:

At enrolment or during Freshers week you can become a member of the NUS (National Union of Students) and receive great benefits including discounts from driving lessons to haircuts, entrance to theme parks to clothes and only at a one off cost of £12. Visit to find out more!

Student Representative Commitee

You will also have the opportunity to become an Exeter College student representative. You will be nominated by your peers at the start of the course and will be the communication channel for cross college and subject related issues. Students are encouraged to feedback on what is going well as well as issues that need development and we’re keen that students help us celebrate the contributions of staff that are having a significant impact on their learning experience. You will receive specialist training with one of our partner universities and take part in our Learner voice conference to help make changes to benefit your fellow students.

Partner Student Unions

As a university level student at Exeter College you have the best of both worlds. You have all of the benefits of a smaller environment with more tutor time and smaller class sizes but with the added bonus of access to your partner university’s facilities, resources and of course, student unions.

Please click the images below to find out more about the Partner Student Unions.

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