University Level

Charlotte, Graphic Communication FdA

"The fact that I may be able to achieve my dream career is a real motivator. I have achieved loads, developed brand new skills and produced really good work. My tutor is fantastic - making the course enjoyable as he is very helpful and optimistic, even when I'm not!"

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Matt, Journalism and Practical Media FdA

"I have been published in local newspapers and websites; this gave me confidence in my abilities as a writer. You are constantly presented with opportunities to produce work, for college and your own personal portfolio. We are given free rein to concentrate on producing material on what interests us the most and what field of the media we hope to gain a career in. You really are encouraged to explore your passions."

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Natalie, Early Years FdA

"The last grade I received from Exeter College was a First, this was something I never thought that I would ever be able to achieve. The support in lectures, self-motivation and determination enabled me to achieve beyond what I ever thought was academically possible!"

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Liam, Sports Therapy FdSc

"After leaving Exeter College I went on to set up my own Fitness Bootcamp and now work privately as a Sports Therapist. During my time at college I really enjoyed the group camaraderie, the excellent equipment and facilities and the support of the lecture staff. My course gave me knowledge of the profession and essential clinical practice."

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Mary, Photography and Digital Arts FdA

"The course gave me an insight into different photographic techniques and practices and gave me a foundation to embark on further work in Plymouth. As a mature student coming back into an educational environment there were some challenges, but I feel that these challenges only drove me to perform and become better and better."

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Karl, Aircraft Engineering FdSc

"After working in a number of different jobs in several business sectors I decided it was time to change; learn a trade and start a career. I've always had an interest in aviation and fixing things so aircraft engineering was the obvious choice. The course has a fantastic mixture of theoretical and practical material, meaning no two days are the same and are always fun. This course has great reviews, fantastic prospects and an outstanding success rate. I feel this course will unlock my full potential and enable me to the best I can be."

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