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26 June 2017 - 05 July 2017 : Mixed Show - A Level - UAL Diplomas - ACCESS

Mixed Show: A level / UAL Extended Diploma / UAL Diploma Level 2 and ACCESS

Yard Gallery, CCI, Vic Yard

Open 10-6 pm weekdays

05 July 2017 - 05 July 2017 : Exeter Salon - Brexit, Trump, Hung Parliament


Wed 5 July 2017

18:30 – 20:00 BST


Exeter College

Hele Road




Whilst 2016 was a year that brought huge political shocks, both in Europe and in North America, 2017 has continued to throw up major after-shocks. Theresa May’s decision to hold a snap election has resulted in a hung parliament, with the Prime Minister reliant on the DUP. With the formal negotiations on leaving the European Union now starting, can the UK get the sort of deal that allows the country to move on from division and resentment? What will the consequences be for Scottish and Northern Irish politics and the future of the United Kingdom?

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07 July 2017 - 07 July 2017 : Summer Term ends for students
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