Japanese - Beginners (PART 1, 2 and 3)
This course is for people aged 19 or over
Faculty of Skills, Support and Adult Learning
Level Location Start Date End Date Day Time Fee Reduced Ask Apply
Leisure Hele Road 20/09/16 (Please see below) 06/06/17 (Please see below) Tuesdays 18.30-20.30 Various (Please see below) Various (Please see below)

What is it like to study this course and how will I be assessed?

This is a three part course is for complete beginners or for people who are interested in Japanese and culture.  You will learn how to ask for and give basic information and also have conversations in a variety of settings whilst visiting Japan.

Learning is through tutor presentation, role plays and practice, with the emphasis on speaking. You will be able to work on your own, in pairs, or small groups and there will be opportunities to work at your own pace, with extra homework activities if required. 

Please note that this is a three part course, dates and details of all classes are as follows:

Stage Start End Day / Time Duration Course Fee Reduced Fee
Part 1 20/09/16 29/11/16 Tuesday  18:30 - 20:30 10 weeks £116 £38
Part 2 10/01/17 07/03/17 Tuesday  18:30 - 20:30 8 weeks £93 £30
Part 3 25/04/17 06/06/17 Tuesday  18:30 - 20:30 6 weeks £64 £22


What topics will I study?

Part 1 topics: Pronunciation introduction, learning writing system, Japanese characters (Hiragana), greetings, numbers, introducing yourself and others, giving personal information using nouns (name, telephone number, nationality and occupation), talking about a nearby object and its owner, asking about opening hours, shopping, learning about currency, cultural observation.

Part 2 topics: Japanese characters (Katakana), motion verbs and tenses, dates, talking about schedules, transport, talking about a plan, talking about a tourist destination, finding out what is inside a building, asking where a facility is located, cultural observation.

Part 3 topics: Brush up Japanese characters (Hiragana and Katakana); Introduction of Kanji, general verbs and tenses; talking about the events of a weekend, making a reservation at a restaurant; describing a schedule; giving a reason for an answer; ordering at a restaurant; paying a bill at a restaurant; cultural observation


What are the entry requirements?

None – the course is for beginners. Please note that Part 2 and 3 are continuation courses and therefore suitable for people who have done some Japanese.

What facilities are there?

Learners will be given a college ID badge and have access to all college facilities, including learning centres and computers. 

What can the course lead on to?

There is an post-beginners Japanese Course. 

Are there any additional costs?

Students have to buy a text book costing approx £12 and the title will be announced during the course.

What do our students think?

The tutor made it seem easy to learn Japanese, I felt I learnt more than I expected and enjoyed every lesson."

Learning not just the language but about Japanese culture too."

Interesting and varied. Good 'easy' approach to learning a very difficult language."

The teaching was very good. This made the language easier to learn and the course enjoyable to attend."

Enjoyed the structure and relaxed environment" "Relaxed atmosphere. Friendly and helpful staff."

It is important that you apply and pay for your course at least one week before the course starts to ensure that you will have access to all the facilities and resources in your first week.
Please be aware that there are no car parking facilities at Exeter College city centre sites, but public car parks are available across the city.

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