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The Yard Gallery

Welcome to the Yard Gallery.

The rationale of the Gallery is to provide a space to inform, inspire and celebrate the arts in all its diversity. An annual calendar of events is planned to show case Art and Design work produced by local, national and international artists and designers, Exeter College students and alumni.

Take a look at our past shows and check out our future events, we look forward to welcoming you.

Future Shows

Future shows and exhibitions in the Yard Gallery include:

Dates Exhibition
18th April – 27th April Staff Show
13th May – 20th May Fda Photography, Graphic Communication and Fine Art
5th June - 14th June UAL Foundation Diploma Art and Design
26th June - 5th July Mixed Show: A level / UAL Extended Diploma / UAL Diploma Level 2 and ACCESS

Past Shows

Please click the icons below to find out more about previous exhibitions at the Yard Gallery.

For Further Information:

Helen Burak
Yard Gallery Co-ordinator
Exeter College. Centre for Creative Industries. Queen Street. Exeter. EX4 3SR
Tel: 01392 400301
Email: visualartsadmin@exe-coll.ac.uk

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