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Equality and Diversity

Diversity means difference and, in the sense of our college community, it means having a mixture of people from all walks of life. When people talk about diversity and having a diverse community, they generally mean that they want to see all minority groups properly valued and represented within the life of that community. It is easiest to see this in terms of the visible differences of skin colour but that’s not only what it means. It also means having a mixture of ages, genders, sexualities, religions, abilities, cultures and all the other ways in which people can be different from each other, teaching and learning together.

Equality is about recognising that any sort of discrimination arising from these differences between people is unhealthy and unproductive. It’s about treating people fairly and giving them all fair chances. It’s not about treating everyone in the same way, but about recognising that individual needs are met in different ways.

Everyone has something to bring to the college community which makes them unique. Whether they are a member of the biggest majority or the smallest minority they can help in educating others simply by their participation and knowing they have the freedom to be themselves.

The college takes steps to make sure everyone’s experience of being here is a positive one. We all work to make sure that inequalities are addressed and do not feature in our college life.

We celebrate our diversity through tutorials arranged around national events including Black History Month, Kick it out week, LGBT history month and a whole host of others. We may, for instance, bring a Cultural Champion into the college who can show learners, in a fun way, something about their lives. We believe that recognising and celebrating these differences creates a learning environment in which all college members feel valued, so that they can realise their own talents and meet their individual learning goals.

We also work to produce policies, strategies and schemes to explain these values, behaviours and working practices and how we intend to carry them out. You can read these documents by clicking through the links on the right.

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