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Exeter College Values and British Values

At Exeter College, our way of working, our policies and procedures, teaching and learning and support for the individual are consistent with the British Values defined by the Government as:

  • Democracy - Democracy can be seen as a state of society characterised by equality of rights and privileges. It can also refer to our nation's electoral systems.
  • The Rule of Law - All people and institutions are subject to and accountable to law that is fairly applied and enforced.
  • Individual Liberty - Individual liberty suggests the free exercise of rights generally seen as outside Government control.
  • Mutual Respect - The proper regard for an individual's dignity, which is reciprocated.
  • Tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs - A fair, objective, and permissive attitude to those whose faith and beliefs and non-beliefs may differ from one's own.

These values are embedded into the ethos of the College and we expect all staff, whatever their role, to exemplify these values. We want our students to develop an understanding of the values through their whole learning experience - through teaching and learning sessions, independent study, tutorials, enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities and wider cross College events.

Democracy Rule of Law Individual Liberty Mutual Respect and Tolerance
Students will learn about Democracy through:
  • Opportunities to participate in the Student Representative process
  • Learner Voice Forums/Focus groups and Conferences
  • Student Representative Committee elections
  • Student Governors
  • The curriculum
  • Freedom of Speech within the law
  • Democratic classroom practice
  • Through the tutorial programme
  • Behaviours modelled by staff
  • The College’s staffing structures
  • Our policies and procedures
  • Enrichment activities –Debating Society, Model United Nations…
Students will learn about the Rule of Law through:
  • The College’s Induction process
  • Discussion and signing of the Exeter College Student Agreement and Code of Conduct
  • Tutorial Sessions
  • Understanding of our student disciplinary process
  • Anti-bullying guidelines
  • Classroom expectations
  • Health and Safety regulations and guidelines
  • Behaviours modelled by staff
  • The curriculum and classroom practice
  • Our policies and procedures
  • Opportunities to understand and model responsible behaviours
Students will learn about Individual Liberty through:
  • The College’s application and enrolment process
  • Induction process and related activities
  • Tutorials on Prevent, Safeguarding and Personal Safety
  • Inclusive practice at all levels
  • The Learner Voice processes
  • One to one guidance with tutors
  • Information Advice and Guidance Individual targets and learning plans
  • Employability and progression planning and action
  • The curriculum and classroom practice
  • Behaviours modelled by staff
  • Enrichment opportunities
Students will learn about Mutual Respect and Tolerance through:
  • Equality and Diversity work in tutorials
  • Respectful practice and Inclusive practice
  • Policies and procedures
  • Diversity themed events
  • Recognition of Key National and International Awareness Days/Events
  • Working within mixed student groups
  • Multi faith and Quiet space for ‘all faiths and none’
  • Exeter College Volunteering opportunities
  • ‘Prevent’ Awareness
  • Curriculum and classroom practice
  • Behaviours modelled by staff
  • College Charity
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