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Want to study interesting subjects that also link to arts and social studies careers? Interested in the formation and structure of the earth? Want to find out about past events and civilisations or is the modern world and the complexity of human behaviours more of interest? Thinking of a career in finance, banking, law?

Then study our wide range of popular humanities courses based at Hele Road. Humanities subjects give you the chance to analyse and understand the world around you. Whether you choose to study physical features of the landscape, the impact of globalisation on our culture and economy, or how events of the past have shaped our present, you will leave college with high-level skills of enquiry and analysis that are prized by universities and employers.

Potential progression options for courses in this subject area include:

  • Careers in the public sector, education, the civil service, the environment, business, commerce, journalism, museum work and law
  • Further studies at a higher level at university
Did you know?

Philosophy and religious studies students took part in a Big Questions event quizzing representatives from the BBC, the universities of Exeter and Bristol, the Metropolitan Police and the Dean of Exeter Cathedral.

Exeter College has a law society organised through the 'Reach Academy' but any law student is able to join and take part in the programme of activities!

What our students are saying

I have become much more confident within myself, this has allowed me to grow not only socially but academically too. Exeter College has opened so many doors for me that I don't think would have been available for me in my sixth form college. There are such a large number of passionate students and tutors, so it's a really positive environment to be in. I intend to go to University and study Geography, it's something that I have always enjoyed and my choice of A Levels really helped me make the decision.

Briony, English Language, World Development and Geography A Levels

My main achievement while studying at Exeter College was achieving a grade A in Sociology A Level in the January exam. This has then relieved pressure for future exams within Sociology. I have also kept my attendance high which will hopefully benefit me in future exams. I have enjoyed the style of teaching and the relaxed atmosphere of college.

Lauren, Sociology, Photography, World Development and Geography A Levels

I find humanities subjects really interesting because you study real life and I thought the courses I had chosen would allow me to understand things I could actually relate to, which they have. After college, I'm going to university to study psychology and then hope to go on to work in forensic psychology within the criminal justice system.

Caroline, Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy A Levels

I have really enjoyed the freedom and choice that the college offers. You get to study things that you actually enjoy. I hope to go on to university to study Human Geography.

Ollie, Geography A level
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